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Our Products : Slimming / Firming / Breast & Body Care : item no : # 602280
ANTI LINES Breast Firming Treatment Mask - 12 sheet mask

 item no : 602280

Anti Lines Breast Firming Treatment Mask - 12 sheet mask

Suitable for  : all skin type


  • Carnosine, Silymarin, Coenzyme Q10, Marine Collagen, Soya IsoflavONES, Sodium L Pyrrolidonecarboxylate Solution, Witch Hazel Extracts and Algae Extracts.


  • This Breast Firming Treatment Mask rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin. It delivers a visible lift and helps redefining the cleavage and leaves breasts with fuller and firmer shape.
  • With the regular use of this Firming Mask works to increase tone and proliferation of breast epithelium, fights the deterioration of the skin's elastic tissue and maintaining the youthfulness of the breasts and making them healthier.
  • This Brest Firming Mask contains Soya IsoflavONES, it is a liposomal preparation of genistein, Genistein is a powerful collagen booster: it strongly simulates the production of collagen but also prevents its degradation by matrix metalloproteinases.
  • The decline in estrogen production at menopause increases the risk for osteoporosis and causes accelerated skin aging expressed in thinning of the skin and the corresponding loss in elasticity. Soya IsoflavONES became well known as natural alternative to estrogens used in hormone replacement therapies. Several studies show that estrogen therapy preserves collagen content and so elastic properties and thickness of the skin. Hormone replacement therapies are widely used to relieve postmenopausal symptoms but estrogens are also debated because they seem to induce an increased risk of breast and uterus cancer as long-term side effect. The structures of Soya IsoflavONES, heterocyclic phenols, are very similar to the steroidal estrogen and they have been shown to protect against osteoporosis without affecting the uterus and breast.


  • Take out the mask and lift it onto the breast for around 15-20 minutes, remove mask and massage gently to absorb surplus essence. 


  • Avoid contact with eyes, if it does, please rinse out immediately.
  • Keep out the reach of children.
  • Do not reuse mask.For external use only, if allergy occurs, stop using it immediately.
  • Store it in a cool place.
  • Avoid use in period of child feeding
  • Avoid use during pregnancy. 
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