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Our Products : sheet masks : item no : 603201
Le.Secret.SkinWhite.Longevity.Mask -.8 sheet mask

item no : 603201 

Le Secret Skin WHITE Longevity Mask - 8 sheet mask 

  • Suitable for : all skin type/mature skin


  • Snow Algae Powder, PerfectionPeptide P7, vege-cental®,


  • This Le Secret Skin WHITE Longevity Mask is able to protect and activates longevity factors in skin cells; rejuvenates and protects skin at cellular level; reinforces, smoothes and hydrates the skin. Skin hydration and smoothness are rapidly enhanced.


  • Eliminate anti-age spot, stimulation of collagen in aged skin cells, safeguards skin’s youthfulness. Visibly improves skin structure, evens the skin tone and reinforces its barrier function.


  • Snow Algae Powder is a novel anti-aging active ingredient which is based on the extract of a unique alga that is capable of growing on glaciers and permanent snow. And it is in these extreme environmental conditions that the algae produce valuable stress response molecules.


Snow Algae Powder has been awarded

  > BSB European Innovation Award Category ‘Best Active Ingredient’

  > Frost & Sullivan’s Innovation Prize Awards Category ‘Best Anti-Aging Active Skin Care’

  > PerfectionPeptide P7, wins the BSB European Innovation Award 2015 Category ‘best active ingredient’.



  • Apply 2-3 times per week to the thoroughly cleansed face, Leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off with water then continue with the routine skincare steps.



  • Avoid contact with eyes; keep out the reach of children.
  • For external use only.
  • Store it in a cool place. Do not reuse mask.
  • If allergy occurs, stop using it immediately. 
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