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Clé de la glace

A new Generation Skin Care Brand formulated exclusively for oriental skin. 


Natural Ingredients,  Alcohol Free are the keys behind why la glace has been gaining repetitive acceptance and love from so many Asian users with even the most delicate and sensitive skin.


Our elite team also understands so well Asian women's desire for radiant charm and speedy effect that la glace products are all results of rich and generous blends of top quality active ingredients optimized for fast and marked effects. 


Clé de la glace is now opt for further answering more metropolitan Asian women's need for whitening, cleansing, toning, moisturizing, acne treatment, eye care, sensitive care, body slimming, firming and treatment, etc.


We welcome partners from all over the world to join us in sharing Clé de la glace successful skin care experience in their respective cities.  

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