la glace - 人參精華修護眼膜 / 10片裝 L50600248 / la glace - Ginseng Eye Treatment Mask / 10 sheet mask



L50600248 人參精華修護眼膜 / 10片裝 適合膚質 : 任何皮膚 產品成份 人參精華、海洋膠原蛋白、金鏤梅精華, 洋甘菊精華, 馬尾草精華, 迷迭香精華 使用方法 徹底清潔肌膚,放上眼膜紙,待10-15分鐘後移開眼膜,再以清水洗乾淨。每周使用一至二次。 注意 避免本產品直接觸及眼睛,如不慎觸及,請立即用清水清洗 請將產品置於兒童觸及不到的地方,產品外用忌食 請將本產品置放於陰涼處,產品開封後,只可用 1 次,不能重覆再用。 如使用本產品時,發覺產品對皮膚有任何不適及敏感,請立即停止使用。 如眼部皮膚有任何受傷、發炎或受感染,請勿用此產品。 溫馨提示 請正確認識護膚品成效,護膚品不能替代藥品,不能治療皮膚病等疾病。關於產品使用成效, 由於個人膚質等多種因素影響,產品的成效亦因人而異,每人的使用體驗亦不同,故不能確保 每位消費者能達到一樣的成效。 L50600248 Ginseng Eye Treatment Mask / 10 sheet mask Suitable for : all skin type Ingredients Ginseng Extract, Marine Collagen, Rosemary Extract, Chamomile Extract, Horsetail Extract, Witch Hazel Extract Directions Thoroughly cleanse the skin, withdraw the mask from the pocket and apply to your eye contour, relax for 10-15minutes, then remove gently and rinse off with water. Use 1-2 times a week. Caution Avoid contact with eyes, if it does, please rinse out immediately. Keep out the reach of children. Do not reused mask For external use only, if allergy occurs, stop using it immediately. Store it in a cool place. Do not use product, if the eye is injured, irritated or infected. Gentle Reminder Just remind to understand skin care products effectiveness. They cannot replace medicines to treat skin diseases and other diseases. Regarding the effectiveness of the product may varies from person to person, Due to various factors such as personal skin quality and the experience of each person is different, so it cannot be guaranteed every consumer can achieve the same result