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C8061-PCB5PS 喜慶派對 粉色皇冠氣球套裝 - 5 件套 套裝包括: 18吋五角粉色星氣球2個 18吋心形Baby Girl氣球2個 粉色皇冠氣球65*76CM 1個 用途: 派對裝飾 不可退貨 產地: 中國 温馨提示 氣球屬易損品, 充氣過程中會有3-5%的殘次品, 屬於正常現象, 若介意者, 下單前請考慮清楚. 注意 未充氣的氣球或破爛的氣球可導致8歲以下的兒童上窒息。 需要成人監督。 把未充氣的氣球遠離小孩。 保持氣球遠離眼睛和臉部,否則氣球破裂可能會造成傷害。 立即丟棄破碎的氣球。 請放在遠離兒童接觸不到的地方. 產品外用忌食 請將本產品置放於陰涼處。 圖片只供參考,一切以實物為準。 C8061-PCB5PS Festive Pink Crown Balloon 5 Pieces Set The Set include : 2* 18-inch pink star balloons 2* 18 inch heart-shaped Baby Girl balloons 1* Pink Crown balloon 65*76 cm Usage: party decoration Product picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual product. Non-returnable Country of Origin : China Gentle Reminder : Balloons are fragile products. There will be 3-5% defective products during the inflation process. This is a normal phenomenon. If you mind, please consider carefully before placing an order. Caution Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broker balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Keep balloons away from eyes and face, the bursting of the balloon may cause injury. Discard broken balloons at once. For external use only Store it in a cool place.