laglacebeauty - 手工藏香 - 拉薩藏香 - 香薰卧香瑜伽香修行冥想減壓怡情舒緩室内薰香淨味 C8045-ILTI / laglacebeauty - Handmade Tibetan Incense-Lhasa Tibetan Incense- Tibetan incense, handmade with ancient recipes



C8045-ILTI 手工藏香 - 拉薩藏香 - 香薰卧香瑜伽香修行冥想減壓怡情舒緩室内薰香淨味 採用木條手工切割, 藏藥入香, 香灰細膩, 多味藏藥, 醇厚優雅, 規格: 每扎約30支. 每支長度約23CM, 單根約4MM, 特點: 採用佛經中記載的古方, 採用紅柏檀木, 藏紅花, 沉香, 草果, 丁香等多種名貴藏藥才配方, 傳統製香工藝製作而成. 自然藥香味 醇厚優雅 香灰細膩 採用木條手工切割,, 因而香的2端微微呈”鏟子型” 天然室内家用香薰 以散發香氣, 消除難聞氣味, 淨化空氣, 防蟲淨味,. 可用於瑜伽, 修行, 冥想使用. 不可退貨 產地: 中國 注意事項 : 對香味過敏者, 嬰幼兒及孕婦請勿使用. 因香品生產批次不同, 品感或重量會存在輕微的差異. 請置於兒童和寵物觸及不到的地方,外用忌食,及置放於陰涼處。 請確保在視線範圍內燃燒, 請遠離易燃物品. 注意 請放在遠離兒童接觸不到的地方. 產品外用忌食 請將本產品置放於陰涼處。 圖片只供參考,一切以實物為準。 C8045-ILTI Handmade Tibetan Incense - Lhasa Tibetan Incense- Tibetan incense, handmade with ancient recipes Specifications: About 30 pieces per bundle. The length of each piece is about 23CM, and the single piece is about 4MM. Features: Using ancient recipes recorded in Buddhist scriptures, using red cedar sandalwood, saffron, agar wood, grass fruit, cloves and other precious Tibetan medicine formulas, made with traditional Tibetan handcrafts and incense making technology. It is hand-cut with wooden slats; two ends of the incense are slightly "shovel-shaped" mellow and elegant scent, pleasant and soothing, eliminate unpleasant odors and help to purify the air. Idea for yoga, spiritual practice, meditation, Non-returnable Country of Origin : China Warnings Avoid their use for those who are allergic to fragrance, children, during pregnancy. Due to different production batches, there will be slight variances in smell or weight. To prevent fire, burn the incense within sight and out of the reach of children and pets. Never burn on or near anything that can catch fire. Product picture is for reference only Caution Keep out the reach of children For external use only Store it in a cool place.

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