laglacebeauty - 雪松木小方塊 (12粒裝) – 北美芳香松 天然芳香 防臭*防蛀*防潮*防蟲*防霉*環保*天然 C8064-CWC12 / laglacebeauty - Cedar Wood Cubes -12 pieces Pack Natural Insect and Pest Repellent



C8064-CWC12 雪松木小方塊 (12粒裝) – 北美芳香松 天然芳香 防臭*防蛀*防潮*防蟲*防霉*環保*天然 ​北美芳香雪松木可保護衣物不被昆蟲侵蝕, 除去衣物中的異味及潮濕氣. 直接散放在衣櫃、書櫃, 鞋櫃等即可.若發覺香味減淡, 可用砂紙表面打磨一下, 香味便會重新散發. 可重複再用. 雪松木生長於美個北美地區的天然耐腐樹種. 紅雪松中的酸性物質讓木材不被昆蟲侵蝕. 無需再做人工防腐處理. 紅雪松使用命壽長, 不易變形. 尺吋:1.9 x 1.9 x1.9CM (大約) 。 註意: 雪松本在完全封閉的環境下會通過木纖維透出白色晶體的雪松油. 在不完全封閉的環境下, 雪松油會停止滲出. 雪松油是雪松防腐能力的來源之一. 能有效抑制木腐的生長, 可以用軟毛刷清理或用軟布擦拭乾浄. 由於是天然木, 會有樹疤,樹結洞及色差, 而不是產品本身問題, 並不影響其使用, 下單前請考膚清楚 不可退貨 產地: 中國 使用方法 直接散放在衣櫃、書櫃, 鞋櫃, 收納箱, 鞋子即可。 請務必儘量放在密封的環境下使用, 關好櫃門, 抽屜門, 以保持香味持久. 注意 請放在遠離兒童接觸不到的地方. 產品外用忌食 請將本產品置放於陰涼處 C8064-CWC12 Cedar Wood Cubes -12 pieces Pack Natural Insect and Pest Repellent Environmental and Natural Dehumidifiers Natural Insect and Pest Repellent Odor Repellent Size : 1.9 x 1.9 x1.9CM (Approx) It is a natural wood, there will be scars, knot holes and color differences, it does not affect the use, please think carefully before placing the order. Cedar wood can protect clothing from erosion by insects; remove odor Just place it in wardrobes, book shelves, shoe cabinets storage boxes shoes. If you find that the scents is diminished, you can use sandpaper to polish it, and the scents will be comes out. Can be repeatedly use. Note: In a completely enclosed environment, cedar wood will show white crystals of cedar oil through wood fibers. In an incompletely enclosed environment, cedar oil will stop exuding. Cedar oil is one of the sources of cedar anticorrosive ability. It can effectively inhibit the growth of wood rot. It can be cleaned with a soft brush or wiped with a soft cloth. Non-returnable Country of Origin : China Directions It can be directly scattered in wardrobes, bookcases, shoe cabinets, storage boxes, and shoes. Please be sure to use it in a sealed environment as much as possible, and close the cabinet door and drawer door to keep the fragrance lasting. Caution Avoid use for children Keep out the reach of children For external use only Store it in a cool place.